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Engineered to control, measure and dispense corrosive chemicals from 55-gallon (200L) drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). Common applications include: Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid.


Engineered to transfer corrosive chemicals. Common applications include: Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid (20%), Acetic Acid and Sulfuric Acid.​

Chemical Drum pumps offer a safe solution for transferring corrosive chemicals from 55 Gal (200L) drums and Tote tanks. For a century, chemicals have been stored / transported in drums however extracting the liquid from the drum presented a challenge. Traditionally, maintenance professionals were forced to lean heavy drums (400-500 lbs) over on their side and allow chemicals to splash out of the bung uncontrollably. The other option was to elevate the drum full of chemical with a fork lift which was also dangerous for operators on the ground below.  The introduction of Chemical Drum pumps solved this age old problem and immediately increased the health and safety of maintenance professionals. Chemical Drum pumps consist of a pump tube (which is immersed directly into the barrel), motor (air or electric), discharge tube, and hand nozzle.

Chemical Drum pumps contain the media within the pump thus eliminating operator exposure to hazardous liquids. In addition, accessories such as fume barriers can reduce toxic fumes that could pose a health hazard to operators.  Chemical Drum pumps are available in plastics such as Polypropylene, Kynar, and CPVC which are compatible with most corrosive chemicals.

Both electric and air motors are equipped with a speed control which enables operators to slow pumps down thus eliminating splashing. Additional safety features include Low Voltage Release (LVR) switches which forces an operator to turn the motor switch OFF if power has been interrupted. The LVR prevents the Chemical Drum Pump from powering on unattended once interrupted power has been restored.


Engineered to transfer concentrated and extremely aggressive chemicals. Common applications include: Sulfuric Acid 66 Baume, Hydrochloric Acid and Concentrated Nitric Acid (98%).


Engineered to control, measure and dispense preset volumes of liquid from drums, IBC’s, plating tanks and large storage vessels. Common applications include Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid.


Engineered to transfer flammable / combustible liquids. Common applications include: Isopropyl Ether, Alcohol, Gasoline, and Ammonia.​


Available accessories include: Hoses, Barrel Adapters, Fume Barriers, Suction Strainers, Hose Barbs, Quick Disconnects, and Wall Brackets.

IBC | 55 Gallon (200L) Drums


Engineered to transfer viscous materials from
drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and largestorage vessels. Maximum viscosity is 100,000 cps.

Industrial Pumps Overview

Engineered to transfer corrosive chemicals, flammable liquids, viscous products and non-corrosive media from 55-gallon (200L) drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). The pump package concept bundles compatible components offering an out-of-the-box solution.   


Engineered to transfer non-corrosive liquids. Common applications include: light oils, automotive fluids, coolants and lubricants.


Engineered to transfer chemicals associated with the Water Treatment industry. Common applications include: Sodium Hypochlorite, Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Bromide.