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Industrial Pumps & Metering

Industrial Centrifugal Drum Pumps and Pump PackagesModels: SP-PP, SP-PHT, SP-CPVC, SP-PVDF, SP-6600/6700, SP-7600/7700, 9400, 9420, 9430, 9500, 9710. 9760 & 9900 Series3.5MB
Industrial Progressive Cavity PumpsModels: SP-700 Series1.5MB
Turbine Meter | Low Viscosity BCSModels: BC-280, BC2-280, BC-ENC, BC2-ENC, BC-A1 & BC2-A1 Series1.5MB
Industrial NozzlesModels: 9070 & 9090 Series1.5MB
Flow MeterModels: F200 Series4.6MB

AODD Pumps

3-A Certified 1 1/2"Model: SP3A15NPT3.1MB
3-A Certified 2"Model: SP3A20NPT3.9MB
3A Certified 3"Models: SP3G30 Series4.3MB
FDA 1/2"Models: SPFG05 Series4MB
FDA 1"Models: SPFG10 Series4.5MB
FDA 1"Models: SPFP10 Series6MB
FDA 1 1/2"Models: SPFG15 Series4.5MB
FDA 1 1/2"Models: SPFP15 Series4.1MB
FDA 2"Models: SPFP20 Series6.3MB
FDA 3"Models: SPFP30 Series4MB
Sanitary 1 1/2"Models: SPSG15 Series4.3MB
Sanitary 1 1/2"Models: SPSN15 Series7.3MB
Sanitary 2"Models: SPSN20 Series4.6MB
Sanitary 3"Models: SPSG30 Series4.3MB
Poultry 3"Models: SPPP30 Series4.3MB
Flap Check 3"Models" SPFC30 Series4.3MB

Sanitary Drum Pumps

Sanitary Centrifugal Drum PumpsModels: SP-8600 & SP-8800 Series2.4MB
Sanitary Progressive Cavity Drum PumpsModels: SP-800 Series1.4MB
Ultra Mag High Viscosity Batch Control Systems ​ Models: 8300 Series1.1MB
Ultra Mass High Viscosity Batch Control System​ Models: 8500 Series1.2MB

DEF Pumps

DEF PumpsModels: 9100 Series1.6MB