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Sanitary Pumps

The vast majority of manufacturing processes throughout any industry require the flow and transfer of various solids and liquids. There are multiple types of machines and pumps that can transport components, but most are built for specific purposes. However, air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps can cover numerous applications.

Here at Standard Pump, our AODD pumps are built to easily and efficiently control anything from water to a number of solids. The system involves two diaphragms connected in the center by an alternating shaft. They work as a separation between whatever fluid is present and the air. The air valve directs compressed air into the pump, in turn forcing whatever contents are inside towards their designated location. Companies across a multitude of industries use these pumps for any number of operations. They are often used for water removal, spraying, and the cleaning of pipes and systems. When combined with an air compressor, the pressure from the pumps can release cleaning chemicals and sanitizing liquids at high speeds.

The dispensing or filtering of liquids and substances is also a common use. While transferring liquids, there is no need to fear for frothing or the separation of the fluids, considering that our pumps are able to pump as slow as one gallon per minute. And because they are designed to be able to run dry without receiving damage, they can even pass large solids without the worry of degradation or the dangerous buildup of heat.

Operations across all industries -- including but not limited to paint, chemical, construction, mining, and water treatment -- make use of our AODD pumps for their day-to-day processes. Some of their biggest advantages include easy cleanup and minimal maintenance required for upkeep, making them a very cost-effective tool. To find more information on all of the processes that our pumps can encompass, please take a look at our inventory and contact us with all of your questions.The Pure Pump Series of sanitary Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps feature the food industry’s broadest selection of FDA compliant and 3A certified pumps. Available in ½” – 3” porting and flow rates up to 234 GPM (866 LPM), these pumps are  ideally suited for food processing, dairy and pharmaceutical applications. Our FDA compliant pumps provide a cost effective solution for many sanitary fluid transfer applications while our 3A designs are the pump of choice for applications with more stringent sanitary requirements.